Friday, September 21, 2012

Our App Reviewed By is a popular app review and video website.

it is a not paid version , but anyway it is a history we should recorded :-)

Fortunately, they give IU Software a postive review.

LiPix Free – Massive Features, Photo FX, iOS App!

LiPix Free – Massive Features, Photo FX, iOS App! 

InstaPicFrame (FREE) is an iOS Universal Entertainment app that lets you jazz up your pictures with 42 adjustable layouts, 46 borders, 12 effects, and loads of other customizable options — all for FREE! Taking photos, customizing and sharing photos has never been easier than with this FREE iPhone and iPad Entertainment application. The 42 adjustable layouts let you put 1 to 9 photos into a template which then provides countless customizing options for each of the up to 9 photos added — wow! The options range from resizing, rotating, shading, rounding image edges to applying text, FX, backgrounds, and more.


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  1. To the developers...

    You know what was missing? The ability to add one or more pictures in any position by the user outside of the placeholders and the ability to defining the transparent color even with free positioning, just as with the text.

    One thing that does not work right is the 'Pinch to resize' feature... You resize the image to the desired zoom and the zoom always comes back to the app default, is never exactly the way we want, without all this, I recommend the app! Please developers think! Think! And turn this possible, please! And the app will be perfect!

    1. Cool, and professional comment.
      We will discus this internally. we hope we can add these feature.