Friday, September 21, 2012

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This is the first post for the users of Imagination Unlimited Software's products.
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  • Text For Instagram
Today, let's talk about the FAQ.


I have paid,  but why I can't use the extra frames?

There are two methods to buy "LiPix Pro"
Firstly please keep in mind where are you bought "LiPix Pro":

#1. Buy the "LiPix Pro" by clicking the "Pro" button of "LiPix Free"
#2. Buy the "LiPix Pro" from Apple Store directly.

If you bought it via #1, then you launch the "LiPix Free" to use the full functions including extras frames.
if you bought it via #2, then you launch the "LiPix Pro" to use the extra frames.

please kindly pay attention to these two entry point of LiPix.

I What is the function of the button "Restore" under the LiPix Free App? When I use it, a windows appear and ask me "Apple ID password"?

It is restore button for IAP(In-App-Purchase) that is required by Apple. The use case are: if you download our "Free version", and you click "Pro" button to do a "IAP": pay $0.99 , to upgrade to "Pro version". but if you deleted this App on you iPhone/iPad. then if you need use it again, you should download it again and re-install the "Free version" and click "Restore" to upgrade "Pro version" again without any payment.
Why the LiPix quit automatically?

We are sorry, these should be a rarely case for app crash.
We will check it if you have the reproduce steps. 
And we suggest you to download the latest LiPix Free / Pro version.
     Free version:

     Pro Version:

Why I met "User denied access" problem when attempting to access iPhone Photo Library?

We apologies for that, It is an iPhone Album Error

An Album Error: User denied access (shown below), can occur when attempting to access your iPhone Photo Library, if Location Services is not enabled in the LiPix iPhone App.

How to solve it?

iOS 5 and below:
Take the following steps, to correct this error:
  • On your iPhone, click Settings.
  • Scroll to Location Services.
  • Click your "LiPix" or/and  "LiPix Free" setting, select ON.
iOS 6:
Take the following steps, to correct this error:
  • On your iPhone, click Settings.
  • Scroll to Privacy.
  • click Photos.
  • Click  "LiPix" or/and "LiPix Free" setting, select "ON"
Can I add my frame in to the template lists?
Sorry, LiPix does not support user-defined frame in the templates due to the current technical issues. But we promise we will provide those functions when we find the best solutions.

How to rotate the photos?

We support picture rotation, it is very easy.
double click on the photo. you can find a toolbar popup, just click the rotate button

you can get the help of this app by clicking  the icon on the top-left corner.

Are location services now required to use the app?

We understand your concern.
About the Location,  firstly we are not using any user location information in our LiPixFrameUrLifeText For Instagram applications ( both Free and Paid, iPhone and iPad versions).

the reason why it popup is the meta-data of photos may be include Location information, so the iOS system will popup the interface to require the user permission to access those user data.

we suggest you to upgrade to iOS 6. at that system,  LiPixFrameUrLifeText For Instagram will require the "Photo" permission instead of "Location" permission. This is the solution for you reference.

What is the difference between the Free and Pro version?

Our Free and Pro has same frames. But:
to Free version, some frames are locked until you did a "In-app purchase".
to Pro version, all frames are available.

if you bought the app through "In-App Purchase", then the  LiPix Free can open the locked frames( that is say, the frame are unlocked).
if you bought the paid version directly from apple store, then all the frames are available for you.

How to make LiPix work with Instagram?

Do you have download the Instagram app from apple store?
Have you ever sign in your  Instagram  account in that  Instagram  app?
if no, please download it: Instagram and register your account firstly.
then you can use our LiPix App to share your pictures with frames/ Texts/effects to  Instagram .
there is a video review for you reference. instapicframe-free-massive- features-photo-fx-ios-app/


  1. Used to
    Be a perfect app. But after the latest update, the function to flip photos have disappeared :( please do put it back! It was really a perfect app:(

    1. Hi, Punkrocker, we have added the "Flip" function back.

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  3. The photos and graphics do not save at a good resolution, are you going to improve this?